We have competence

We are a company that has broad knowledge and competence in culture, language, business climate and rules of the countries around the Horn of Africa. We help to interpret, translate and provide advice and education about the culture and society of the different countries.

We use authorized, undergraduate and trained interpreters depending on the nature of the assignment.

Translation & Interpreting assistance on international trips

If requested, our interpreters can accompany you to countries outside Sweden and help with interpretation and contacts such as with companies, organizations and local authorities.

We educate

In Sweden we can provide tips and education, for example. in corporate culture for your staff who have international contacts. For new arrivals, we offer education in Swedish society orientation, basic computer literacy and the theoretical part of driving license education in their mother tongue.

We are a book publisher & bookstore.

We also have book publishing, selling books online, and we can also help to get books from the countries around the Horn of Africa.


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Translation och interpretation



Tigrinya (ትግርኛ, tigriññā)  is spoken in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia by about 7.7 to 8.7 million people in total. Tigrinya is the official language of Eritrea and is the largest language in the country.


Tigre (GE ‘ ez: ትግረ, tigrē, in Sudan Xasa) is a Semitic language spoken in northern Eritrea by about 30 percent of Eritrea’s population as well as in the neighboring areas of northeastern Sudan.


AMHARINJA (አማርኛ, Amharic, Amharinya), spoken in Ethiopia, where it is official language and majority language. Amharinya is second Arabic the most widespread Semitic language


OROMO is spoken in the Horn of Africa by 22 million people. Most speakers live in Ethiopia, but Oromo is also spoken in Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania. Oromo is written with Qubee, a form of Latin alphabet.


Somali (Somali: AF-Soomaali) is an Afro-Asiatic language of the Lowland East Cushitic subgroup spoken in Somalia and in nearby areas of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.


AFAR (Qafár af, also Afariska) is an a Cushitic language spoken by About 1.5 million, especially in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti, and mainly among ethnic Afars.


Saho is a Cushitic language closely related to afar. Saho people are mainly nomadic Muslims and populate the eastern border of central Eritrean Highlands and the central coastline of the Red Sea.


Blen belongs to the Cushitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family and is spoken by the BLEN people in central Eritrea and around the town of Keren.


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Office:     015531606 (int.  004615531606)
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